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Wooden Swing Sets Buyers Guide

by Kathleen Ray
August 2008

An outdoor wooden swing set is going to give the kids endless hours of enjoyment and entertainment. But there are a few things that need consideration. These are the top 10 things to look for when buying this type of swing set.

Size - How many children will be playing on the swing set? How big is your yard? Outdoor wooden swing sets come in several different sizes. So you just need to pick the one that fits your family.

Expandability and Versatility - Your child will probably outgrow that infant swing first, and eventually they stop playing in the sandbox. Look for something that can grow with your child

Materials - Outdoor wooden swing sets are built from wood such as preserved pine, red wood and cedar. The construction should be a nut and bolt system and should enhance your landscape.

Assembly - Can you build the wooden swing set you have chosen with a little help from your friends, or do you need to hire someone?

Safety - Slides should have sides, and should not have more than a 30 degree slope. Swing chains should have vinyl covers. Rings should be more than 5 inches and less than 10 in diameter. Stairs with rails are easier to manipulate than ladder rungs.

Placement - The fall zone should be extended 6 feet past the outer structure and any structures such as slides. The "fall zone" in front or in back of swing should be 2x the height of the swing structure.

Surfacing - It is extremely important to surface wooden swing set fall zones with some absorbent material such as playground mulch. Grass does not have enough cushioning to absorb a major fall.

Maintenance - Hardware on your outdoor wooden swing set should be tightened at least once a year. Sand down any rough edges, and check swing chains for wear and tear. Check anchors.

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Cost - Prices can start from below $200 and go up from there. The cost of course will be affected by the size, the wood, and the accessories.

Have Fun - Let your children in on the decision process. No matter what their age, they will enjoy "helping". Let it be a family time. What a good start to the many family memories you'll have on your outdoor wooden swing set.


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