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Swing Sets for Outdoors offers the top selection of kids wooden swing sets, metal swing sets, as well as wood porch swings for patio, baby swings, tree swings, glider swing, hammock chairs, & commercial playground equipment.

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Swing Set Buyers Guide: Compare Style, Materials, Durability, Cost

When choosing swing sets, there are many factors to consider: style, materials, durability and cost. This swing set guide compares these factors among the most popular types of sets available on the market today - wooden and metal - to help you decide which swing set is best for your style and budget.

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Wooden Swing Set Top Seller
wooden swing set
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Wooden Swing Sets
Wooden swing sets are the most popular, due to their classic looks, flexibility in design (some can be configured in many ways for play variety) durability, and all-weather resistance. They are usually treated so they do not warp or rot for many years.

Styles: Varied and flexible depending on elements added. Classic, themed (boat, pirate ship), clubhouse, swings, slide, monkey bars, climbers, rock wall can be added
Durability: Lasts for many years
Material: wood
varies - depends on style & frame

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Metal Swing Set Best Seller
wrought iron patio furniture
view Manfred Mini Mantis set


Metal Swing Sets
Non-spintering and sturdy, metal swing sets are still quite popular. Most swing sets used to be made of metal, and then safety issues became a concern. The metal sets that are sold today meet all safety standards.

Styles: Varied depending on features added; Most common are classic swings and slide sets.
Durability: Very strong, won't splinter or break
varies - depends on style & frame

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