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Porch Swing Buyers Guide: Patio Swings for Outdoors

by Tabitha Akery
August 2008

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Enjoying the outdoors on a porch swing or patio swing relaxes the mind, body, and soul. Buying one can enhance the time spent outdoors and add a beautiful addition to the garden. These are the top 10 things to look for when buying a porch or patio swing.

* Affordability
Determining a price range for a porch swing will help in the search for the perfect addition to the garden.

* Material
Porch swings come in a variety of materials such as wood, wicker, plastic, or aluminum. Choose a material that compliments the house and other patio furniture. If the choice is wood, then there are many options to consider, oak, teak, cedar, cherry, and cypress. Determine which type of wood would suit better and check the price range.

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* Design
A big part of this decision is if the porch swing is going to hang from the porch as an addition or if the patio swing is free-standing. If the choice is free-standing, many come with a sun shade for those hot summer days. The color of the swing should flow nicely with the garden and house colors.

* Weatherability
This is an important factor to take into consideration when buying a porch swing. It should be able to withstand the occasional bad weather. However, don't expect it to withstand a hurricane.

* Location
Choosing the right location for the porch swing is essential. The area must be clear for it to operate to its full capacity. Consider putting a free-standing patio swing in the best place to take full advantage of the garden.

* Assembly
The easier a porch swing is to assemble, the sooner it is available for use. Occasionally, even the handiest can get a bit overwhelmed by this task.

* Shipping
Keep in mind that shipping is additional cost and is not always factored into the original price.

Check out the return policy. This is important if the something about the swing is not up to expectations.

* Cleaning
A simple wipe down should suffice for most porch swings. Check the directions on the care of this product.

* Maintenance
The ideal swing should require very little maintenance to keep it in top shape.

Finding the right porch swing or patio swing will bring a lot of enjoyment for the entire family. Spending soft summer nights on a swing is priceless.

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