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Playground mulch ground covering made from recycled rubber tires makes safe kids turf for swing sets or playgrounds outdoors.

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Playground Mulch Ground Covering from Recycled Rubber Tires

Free Shipping on ground covering mulch below from Kidwise Outdoors. Each order recieves 40 to 50 bags of mulch depending on region. 2000 lbs will cover 300 square feet, 3 inches deep, which is the minimum requirement for a 5 foot fall height. Playground mulch ground covering or landscape rubber mulch that is made from recycled tires is a good choice because....recycled rubber save trees, cushions kids playground accidents, and they don't cause painful splinters in kids hands and feet like traditional mulch. Eco-friendly and safe, and blue, brown, gold, gray, green and red mulch colors available. Scroll below and click for more info.

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Playground Mulch and Ground Coverings

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