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Baby Swing Buyers Guide: Infant or Toddler Swings

by Jordan Dickie
August 2008

Purchasing an outdoor baby swing for your infant's backyard swing set is important because no child under three years of age should be put on a regular seat. Children of that age simply lack the strength to safely use anything that doesn't have the support of an infant swing seat. Though there are many different styles of child swing seats, two popular designs are the ones you are most likely to see in your local retail store.

1) A popular infant swing style uses a design very similar to the baby carrier designs of smaller indoor infant swing sets. Generally made of plastic, the child's body is fully supported by the longer seat, and secured by a harness at the baby's groin that slides up and down the rope that suspends it.

These are very comfortable, and the baby can sit in them in much the same way as they would in a baby carrier. Most of these infant swing designs have the harness and can come in handy for family events and barbeques. These sorts of seats should be the first choice of any parent interested in safety and comfort.

2) The second "bucket" toddler swing is generally used for older toddlers of a year or so old. The child is secured in a very deep plastic seat where the children sit semi-upright and it comes up to their armpits or more.

Two or four holes at the bottom provide room for their legs and, unlike the forementioned baby swing, gives the child more ability to actually move their legs and swing on their own.

This design is generally the practical infant swing you find in parks and public playgrounds. Though less comfortable than the carrier style, the bucket swings are still a lot of fun and a good purchase for older children.

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